I’ve been playing this song for almost a year and really wanted it to be out in the world. This version is played solo on a Ken Parker Archtop guitar totally acoustically and recorded in Gloucester MA USA.

I wrote this song whilst preparing to leave Australia for Los Angeles for an extended amount of time. It tells the story of letting go of things, people, & comforts, whilst at the same time being hopeful and excited for what’s to come - I hope you can find your own story in it!

I recorded this one night in June 2019 in Gloucester MA at the home of
Ken Parker. Ken is one of the most incredible guitar builders on the planet and his instruments have inspired me long before I ever got to play one. Ken and I have been friends for a long time now, and he offered me an extended loan of one of his Archtop guitars named ‘Lucky’.

I’d been touring and performing on it for a few months and it was just about time to give it back, so wanted to capture it before it left. I set up my little mobile recording rig and just played through a few songs. This song Leaving really stuck. The sound of this guitar is truely unique. What you’ll hear is just one microphone in front of the guitar - so sweet, so responsive and ready to deliver a multitude of tones depending how I play. To learn more about Ken Parker's Archtop Guitars go to www.kenparkerarchtops.com